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You’ve probably heard about the phrase: “the 6th man” in basketball. If you haven’t, there is a movie called “the 6th man” where a teammate scores a slam dunk and suffers a heart attack while hanging on the rim. His brother who is also a teammate calls on him for…

This pandemic have thought us one key thing: Life is not guaranteed. It is better to enjoy every waking moment than to constantly wish we were somewhere else. Appreciate everyone and people in your life, take life with a definite stride chasing your goals and living to your fullest. Tomorrow is not guaranteed but that shouldn't prevent you from living.

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When you think you’ve learnt something new, you find out you don’t know much. We all know the famous quote saying:

“If you think you know everything, you know nothing”.

As a programmer, I have found that programming can enjoyable, painful and fun all at once. However, as a beginner…

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You have logged in to one of the credit checking providers, (either Experian, credit karma, clearscore or credit monitor) and you have seen your credit score. Now what? At this stage, you should know from my previous post on this what a credit score is and the factors that affect…

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