I decided to quit last week: A short story

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An Ode to the twelfth man: N’Golo Kanté

Photo by Kante GOAT on Creative Commons (Edited Image)

A poem on living life and calling out to God

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Simple Steps on how to manage large and unfamiliar projects

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Show me a man who hasn’t shed a tear.

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Understanding factors in your credit report and how you can use it to help improve your credit score

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Differences between a credit score and credit report

  • Your report outlines your credit activity and creditworthiness, including open and closed accounts and your payment history.
  • Your credit score is the three-digit number given to…

A poem on life’s journey

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Understanding your credit score and factors that affect it

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Encouragement and comfort for 2021

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Samuel Aigbotsua

Interested in all things tech, politics, and finance. I write, read, and code. I am Multifaceted and love poetry. Visit www.samaig.com

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